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Delivery Information

Do you ship with tracking?

Yes, if you select Express Mail or Registered mail, it is sent with a tracking code.  We try to avoid sending anything without tracking, but some countries do not offer any tracked shipping services available, and our staff will let you know this in advance.  Singapore, UK, Australia, USA (America), Hong Kong, Japan all have shipping codes.

Where can I track my package?

It depends on your country.  You can always go to the India Post tracking site, but we recommend for the USA.  Please note do open up tracking history as the web site does a poor job of doing front page updates; your order might have been sent, but the page can show it is still processing.

My Package Tracking does not show it has shipped yet why not?

First, please do open up the Tracking history if using and look at the history; the front page of the web site results do not show the full detail.

If you were sent a shipping code and it does not show, please give it a few days to get into the system, and if not, contact us at [email protected], and we will look into the issues for you.

My tracking shows inbound to customs. Should I be worried?

No, all items go into customs. It is normal for every country and package.

My item has been in customs for more than 2 days. Does this mean there is a problem?

No, not at all; packages go into customs depending on the country, can sit for up to two weeks or more at times.  During holidays or other issues, mail can be very slow to inspect or process, plus some countries take loads of mail and put aside until they have time to inspect them.  We have no control over the customs time frame, and any time in inspection does not indicate there is or is not any issue.

Do your packages require a signature on delivery?

Yes, express mail and registered mail does require a signature.

Can I waive the signature requirement?

Yes and No. We can request if you tell us too to waive the signature.  Once we send an order, however, we can not change this.  Please do note that you request us to ask to waive the signature at the time of order.  It is up to your mail carrier.  Some do honor the request; some do not.

Should I ship to my real name or use an alias for safety?

Always ship to your real legal name that is on your Identification.  We do not ship illegal products or controlled medications.  If your package has an issue at delivery and is needed to be picked up at the post office, you will need to present your ID that shows the name used on the mailing.

I Wish My Package To Be Sent Discreetly. Can You Arrange This?

All packages are already sent discreetly to protect your privacy. We ship in envelopes or boxes with no exterior markings showing what is inside the packages.